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We’re Anna & Alex – a pair of no-nonsense dietitians who founded The Biting Truth because we believe people deserve the truth when it comes to nutrition. There are plenty of fads in the world, eat this – don’t eat that. The truth is, you can eat ALL kinds of foods and still be healthy and fit. We use simple science to empower individuals to make better food and health choices. We are scientists and skeptics who love exposing nutritional myths and helping people separate science from pseudoscience.

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Just because a diet may be labelled as ‘paleo’ ‘vegan’ or ‘gluten free’ ‘omnivore’ does not automatically mean it is healthy or unhealthy. A label does not define how healthy a diet is. A healthy diet is one that allows you to meet all your requirements, one that leaves you feeling energised and one that you actually enjoy 😊. It is absolutely possible to meet your nutrition requirements and eat a balanced diet on a vegetarian, vegan or omnivore diet as long as you are eating healthy, wholesome, unprocessed foods - and a large variety! So please, don’t fall victim to following a diet just because you believe it sounds healthy. A lot of the time paleo or gluten-free products are actually less healthy than their counterparts.
Bottom line :
❎ the label of your diet DOES NOT define how healthy you are. ❎ Just because you’re following a vegan diet doesn’t mean you’re automatically healthier than those who are aren’t vegan.
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So you've probably realised by now we are pretty POKE OBSESSED! 🌈💫We find #pokebowls are such a great way to get in loads of veggies, wholegrain carbs and some protein. Plus you get to add a whole heap of your fav extras like seaweed salad, wasabi peas and spices (love a bit of chilli🔥❤️!). This bowl features @mccormickfoodsaustralia ORGANIC chilli flakes. Chilli flakes are a great addition to so many meals as they add a little heat, and @mccormickfoodsaustralia have a whole new range of organic spices to choose from. Best part is, they come in these super convenient resealable bags, which make them very easy to organise in the pantry too 🤘🙌😜! ... See MoreSee Less

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