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We’re Anna & Alex – a pair of no-nonsense dietitians who founded The Biting Truth because we believe people deserve the truth when it comes to nutrition. There are plenty of fads in the world, eat this – don’t eat that. The truth is, you can eat ALL kinds of foods and still be healthy and fit. We use simple science to empower individuals to make better food and health choices. We are scientists and skeptics who love exposing nutritional myths and helping people separate science from pseudoscience.

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E-Book: Healthy School Lunchbox


  • Over 25 child-friendly, nutritionally balanced recipes.
  • Step-by-step guide on how to pack a nutritionally balanced lunch.
  • Easy to make recipes, wholesome and simple ingredients.
  • Even the fussiest easters will enjoy these recipes.
  • All recipes are nut-free.

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What an absolute cracker of a weekend 👊☀️😁. ✅ city 2 surf done (and feeling pretty pooped!)
✅ new matching #activewear outfits from @nimbleactivewear - thanks guys! 💕
✅ quality time with family and friends (and a few too many wines 🍷)
✅ made some progress on a really exciting project we are working on atm (all will be revealed shortly ☺️) Bring on the week!!
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Ok guys, we want you to seriously think about when you last went to the dentist 😬👄? Yeh yeh, we get it, its one of those life tasks that can so often be overlooked 🙄🤫. Admittedly we’re pretty terrible at this ourselves, however, we do try and book an appt at least yearly. Given it's #dentalhealthweek we thought we'd share some tips when it comes to looking after your pearly whites💎! .
Good oral health and nutrition go hand in hand 🙏! Here's a snap shot of our meal prep this week that's ticking lot's of boxes when it comes to healthy teeth and gums!
✅Veggies are are low in sugar + eating raw veggies sticks stimulates the production of saliva, which is protective against tooth decay.
✅Dairy foods are high in calcium, which also help protect teeth from decay! If for any reason dairy foods don't agree with you then make sure the alternatives you are choosing are fortified in calcium so that you can still reap the benefits!
✅Limit the consumption of sugary foods throughout the day. This is because the bacteria in plaque use sugar (from foods/drinks) to produce acid that dissolves the protective surface of your teeth, which can lead to a hole. It's ok to eat a bit of sugar, but remember to try and brush your teeth asap after(👍this is why it's better to eat treats in the evening).
Life can be busy but here's your friendly reminder to visit your dentist (if you haven't been this year yet). We’ve both booked an appointment this week as it’s front of mind. 😁😎 @australiandentalassociation
#DentalHealthWeek #WatchYourMouth
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